Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bethany College Religious Life

Bethany College was founded on the principles of the Christian Church, and to this day is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), though the Church exercises no sectarian control.

We welcome students from virtually every religion. It is important to Bethany College that students are aware of campus ministry on campus and the availability of the Chaplain, the Rev. Scott Thayer, who is also minister of Bethany Memorial Church. Rev. Thayer, along with the Rev. Dr. Larry Grimes, meets with the Campbell Scholarship fellows once per month in mentoring sessions. The Chaplain regularly teaches a freshman seminar course and a January term class on social justice. He also leads a number of Connections workshops on topics ranging from spiritual growth to diversity awareness to international relations.

Rev. Thayer leads regular worship services and Bible studies at Bethany Memorial Church which are open to everyone. As a "Confidential Reporter" under the College’s Title IX policy, the Chaplain serves as a counseling resource for the campus community.

Catholic Mass is available every Sunday evening at 6:30. Mass is held at the St. John Fisher Chapel (201 Richardson Street, one block behind the Bison Inn). Shirley Carter, the Catholic campus minister at Bethany, welcomes all students regardless of religion to join her at mass and other events hosted at the St. John Fisher Chapel.

Spiritual life is an active campus tradition. We encourage you to participate in activities and services provided by the Bethany Office of Campus Ministry.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good to visit with friend of Bethany and senior editor of The Bluefield Daily Telegraph Bill Archer at the West Virginia Capitol during West Virginia Higher Education Day.